Fishing Restoration

The Montrose Settlements Restoration Program (MSRP) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency completed a comprehensive coastal-wide fish survey in southern California. Approximately 900 fish from 28 locations were analyzed for DDTs, PCBs, and mercury. These data were then used by the Office of Environmental Health Hazards Assessments to develop a fish consumption advisory warning about the risk associated with eating certain species of fish caught within the coastal area between Santa Monica and Seal Beach Piers. The advisory impacts recreational fishing by limiting what people can eat.

MSRP is restoring recreational fishing by providing information to the public about fish contamination. Visit our Public Information page to find out more information about our fishing restoration projects. See images below to learn more about the local fish consumption advisory.

Map image showing the red and yellow zones indicated in the consumption advisory.

Health Advisory and Safe Eating Guidelines for Fish from Coastal Areas of Southern California: Ventura Harbor to San Mateo Point















*The consumption advice for women 18-45 years and children 1-17 years is more restrictive than for women over 45 years and men. This is because the fetus and children are more sensitive to the toxic effects.