Public Information

The MSRP Public Information project builds on outreach and education efforts of the Fish Contamination Education Collaborative (FCEC) by educating youth about fish that are safe to eat and not safe to eat in the southern California region. Our fishing outreach program has reached over 15,000 youth and their families since it started and we distribute 20,000 copies of our outreach products to the public annually.

Two girls posing with the Pacific Scorpionfish they caught during the Marina Del Rey Angler's Kid's Fishing Trip.

Youth Fishing Outreach Program

MSRP provides funding to non-profit organizations, fishing clubs, and local city governments to develop fishing educational programs for youth. We require all programs to have a hands-on fishing component and to include MSRP key messages relating to safe fishing practices. Programs also distribute the MSRP comic book and the MSRP fish identification card to all participants.

Project Reports

Outreach Products

MSRP and our partners created several fishing outreach products that are popular with young people and sport fishermen. These products are distributed on fishing piers, at community outreach events, and through the MSRP Youth Fishing Outreach Program.

“What’s the Catch?” Comic Book

In our comic book, What’s the Catch?, Amanda the Seagull teaches two young anglers about how the chemicals DDTs and PCBs bioaccumulate up the food chain in southern California and are in the some of the fish species that we catch. The comic book reminds children and their families about safe fishing practices that can reduce their intake of contaminants, which fish species to avoid eating and which ones are safe to eat.

The comic book can be ordered for free from our educator page or downloaded from our website in three languages (English, Spanish, and Mandarin).

MSRP’s Fish Identification Card

The “Common Subsistence and Sport Fish of Southern California” waterproof card helps anglers identify the fish they have caught so they can look up consumption advisories for a specific fish species. On the back of the card, MSRP provides safe fishing tips and background information on DDT and PCB contamination in the southern California area.

The fish identification card can be ordered for free from our educator page or downloaded from our website in three languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin).