NOAA Announces Partnership to Restore Habitats Damaged by Oil and Hazardous Waste

Five-year partnership with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation has an initial recommendation of $1.5 million to restore kelp forests and rocky reef off the California coast. NOAA and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation are joining forces to restore habitat damaged from oil spills and hazardous waste releases in California. An initial cooperative agreement between the two organizations includes a recommendation of $1.5 million... Read More

Partner-Driven Projects Restoring Polluted California Habitats

Through strong community partnerships NOAA is able to do more restoration, helping California fish, kelp forests, seabirds and more recover after impacts from oil spills and hazardous waste. New Kelp Forest Habitat at a Hazardous Waste Site From the 1940s to 1970s, the Montrose Chemical manufacturing plant discharged hazardous chemicals like DDT and PCB into the waters off Southern California. The chemicals are still found along the Palos Verdes ocean... Read More

More Than 30 Acres of New Reef Habitat Built Off the Southern California Coast

NOAA and partners built new rocky reef habitat that will provide healthy homes for fish and marine life. This is one of many Southern California projects restoring wetland, reef and other habitats polluted by DDT and PCBs. This fall, we completed one of the final projects restoring Southern California habitat from chemical pollution impacts at the Montrose Superfund site. NOAA and partners restored 32 acres of reef habitat in an area... Read More