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Experience California Native Wildlife in 3-D

Photo showing family using MSRP kiosk at the California Science Center.

Family using MSRP kiosk at the California Science Center.

Interact with 3-D animations of a Bald Eagle flying into a nest, a White Croaker fish eating a worm off the ocean floor, and a seabird called a Xantus’s Murrelet in its nest on a rocky ledge from your home computer. All of these animals are found in southern California and represent different restoration projects that are being funded by MSRP. These animations were created for an educational kiosk that is located in several nature centers throughout southern California. MSRP also wanted to offer this experience to users at home.

How Can You Interact With The 3-D Images?

Augmented Reality software puts the learning experience into the user’s hands. When you hold up the front image of one of three brochures to the camera on your computer, a 3-D image of a Bald Eagle, fish, or seabird pops up onto the screen.  During this time, the user can zoom into or out of the image and spin it around. Try another brochure and watch the images come alive again!

About the MSRP Kiosk

If you have a chance to visit an MSRP kiosk at a center in southern California, you can interact with a life-sized image and watch a short video of each restoration project. The kiosk frame has a unique wave design and is made from sustainable materials including an eco-resin derived from kelp. The concept and design for the kiosk was developed by Pavement, a sustainable design consulting firm, and the 3-D animation was created by Total Immersion.

You can check out a kiosk at SEA Lab in Redondo Beach, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium in San Pedro, and the California Science Center in Los Angeles.