Fishing Groups and Kids Benefit from Mini-Grants

Photo showing girl that caught a fish while fishing with Marina Del Rey Anglers.

Girl catches fish during boat fishing trip with Marina Del Rey Anglers' youth fishing program.

One of MSRP’s restoration projects, Public Information to Restore Lost Fishing Services, aims to educate the public about fish contamination in a particular area of southern California while also encouraging people to choose to eat safer fish species that contain less harmful chemicals. The idea is to teach people to fish in a safe way, allowing them to enjoy one of the worlds’ most widely pursued outdoor activities.

From 2007-2011, MSRP funded mini-grants to seven youth fishing programs conducted by six organizations reaching approximately 8,000 members of the public. Youth and families were the largest target group reached by these grants totaling 5,000 participants. The youth fishing programs used a number of activities to engage participants including pier fishing, fish identification, safe fish preparation, DDT and PCB contamination information, and educational workshops. The MSRP comic book titled “What’s the Catch?” and the Southern California Fish Identification Card were key educational components of the programs. Some programs also developed additional resources using information from MSRP’s educational products. The report, Evaluation of Montrose Settlements Restoration Program Fishing Outreach Mini-grant Program issued in 2012, summarizes the programs and their activities.

In future years of this youth fishing program, MSRP is implementing an evaluation survey that was developed with the help from Program Evaluator, Patricia Kwon. The survey is adapted to each program and evaluates youth’s understanding of fish contamination, behaviors associated with safe fishing, and their level of enjoyment engaging in fishing activities. In 2012, over 1,400 youth experienced fishing through MSRP’s Fishing Outreach Mini-Grant Program!

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-Gabrielle Dorr, MSRP Outreach Coordinator