New Website for Anglers in Southern California

Screen shot of website home page for

Photo showing homepage of the website.

MSRP catches up with the Fish Contamination Education Collaborative (FCEC) to learn about, their latest project. We wanted to find out more about this website and what makes it so unique and especially important to the Southern California sportfishing community.

MSRP: Tell us about the Los Anglers website and who should check it out.

FCEC: Los was developed as a general fishing resource for anglers fishing in and around the Southern California coast. There’s plenty of general information on the website, but we invite all local fishermen to share photos and check out the forum to keep the dialogue going! The website is intended to be an online community for fishermen, by fishermen. Southern California is a great place to fish and we want to hear your stories.

MSRP: What specific goal did you have in mind when developing the Los Anglers website?

FCEC: The website’s approach is meant to engender community interaction and promote the sharing of the pride and traditions of responsible fishing specific to Southern California. Our Questions & Anglers forum is a venue for discussion with topics ranging from Fishing for Beginners to Long Rangers to Local Fishing and Fishing Etiquette.

MSRP: There are other sportfishing websites out there.  What makes this one unique?

FCEC: Through a pun on Los Angeles and “The Anglers,” Los Anglers captures a bit of the fun and cultural richness of Southern California’s diverse communities. This allows the website to connect with boat-owning and charter-boat sporting demographic, as well as the subsistence fishing, pier anglers, and everyone in between. Novice fishermen can learn about commonly caught fish, find out where to fish and learn about events happening around town while expert fishermen can talk shop with each other and show off their latest catch.

Photo showing fishermen with a Kelp Bass he caught.

Photo of a fishermen showing the Kelp Bass he caught which was posted on photo gallery.

MSRP: What do you know so far about how this website is being used by the sportfishing community?

FCEC: Our Angler Gallery is chock-full of photos uploaded by local sportfishermen during long range trips. They are also members of the Questions & Anglers forum posted discussion about local fishing.

MSRP: Name two reasons why someone should visit the Los Anglers website!

FCEC:Only two!?! Check out some great fishing photos, get answers to all kinds of fishing questions, and share your fishing tails (both big and small).


-Gabrielle Dorr, MSRP Outreach Coordinator