Let’s Go Fishing!

Fish caught on fishing trip with Marina Del Rey Anglers.

This year MSRP provided $50,000 in fishing outreach mini-grants to Marina Del Rey Anglers, Friends of Colorado Lagoon, City of Los Angeles, and The SEA Lab.   What does this mean for youth in the Los Angeles County area?  It means lots of fishing opportunities all summer long and in some cases throughout the year.   Each organization developed a unique program tailored to young audiences using similar key MSRP messages.  MSRP held a training session for all organizations this year to reinforce key messages and to share activities and educational components among the groups.  MSRP also developed a survey that will measure the ability of youth to understand concepts related to fish contamination and safe fishing practices during the outreach programs.  Over 700 kids have been out fishing this summer!

Marina Del Rey Anglers (MDRA)

MDRA took approximately 400 kids ages 10 to 16 on boat fishing trips within the Santa Monica Bay this summer.  The kids generally come from “at-risk” environments throughout Los Angeles.  During the transit time to the fishing location, MDRA staff taught the children and their counselors about local fish contamination and safe fishing practices.  They also distributed the MSRP comic book “What’s the Catch?” and the fish identification card.

City of Los Angeles-Cabrillo Pier

The City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks provided 10 four-hour long hands-on fishing sessions for over 300 youths ages 8 to 16 years old on the Cabrillo Pier.  The fishing sessions began with raising awareness about safe fish consumption along the Los Angeles coastline and a hands-on fishing demonstration.   The kids then had an opportunity to fish for three hours with experienced fishermen on the pier.

Friends of Colorado Lagoon (FOCL)

The Colorado Lagoon located in Long Beach, California is a small urban tidal lagoon that serves as an excellent teaching tool for many students within the surrounding city.  FOCL developed a summer program that involved educating the local community at Farmer’s Markets and popular fishing spots about fish contamination.  FOCL is also extending their outreach program during the school year to elementary through high school students.  The program will include beach seining in the lagoon and teaching children about the fish species in local wetlands while also discussing the importance of safe fishing practices.

Kids identifying fish using MSRP's fish card.

The SEA Lab

The SEA Lab is a hands-on science center located in the City of Redondo Beach, California. During the school year, selected elementary school students (approximately 720) will participate in a three-hour program learning about the history and impacts of DDT and PCB contamination on the marine environment, basic fishing techniques, how to interpret fish consumption advisories, and proper filleting techniques to minimize their intake of contaminants.  The program also includes a trip to The SEA Lab for a guided tour and some fish identification techniques and fishing from the City of Redondo Beach Pier.

-Gabrielle Dorr, MSRP Outreach Coordinator